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  • Deep State and its Evil Tentacles have Wrought a Destructive, and Quite Possible the End of America...Unless Significant Change is Done

    This illustrative chart from the Philadelphia Trumpet details how pervasive Deep State is on all levels of our government.


    Source: The Philadelphia Trumpet: America’s Deep State

  • The freedom of travel/movement, freedom of commerce, freedom of speech.  Socialists, whether National Socialists (Nazis), or International Socialism (Bolsheviks/Communists) truly hate freedom. This article sums up why the socialists are enjoying the chaos we are living in right now.

    Why Socialists in America Are Excited
    Surveying the masses of self-quarantined needy, they don’t see calamity, but phenomenal opportunity.
  • "Patrick Howley's Strange Silence Condemns the Two American Boys Detained in Switzerland"

    by Omar Agustoni, Independent Journalist and Film Maker
    July 6, 2020
    Lugano, Canton Ticino, Switzerland

    The Beginning of This Story - Patrick Howley, the celebrated American journalist, promises a powerful article on the Sutz Family Case, which he tells the father, Neal David Sutz, will go mainstream via Patrick’s professional connections and powerful reputation, but it seems now this article will never see the light of day. The question is, “Why?”


    RS Independent Journalists now features independant journalists who have written unique, powerful, honest, verified articles on various subjects.
    • This show was so well done, and brought tears to my eyes. How can anyone hate and disrespect America after seeing the raw truth and beauty of the words spoken.

  • Mysterious Runestones

    Scott Wolter, author, host of America Unearthed, and President of American Petrographic Services since 1990, joined guest host Jimmy Church (Twitter) to report on a discovery of ancient stones discovered in a cave in Texas (Related Images). According to Wolter, the man who found the stones had been fishing in a nearby creek and noticed carvings on a cliff face. He went back to the area later with a friend and dug out a tablet they could see sticking out of the ground. The two continued digging and eventually found the cave filled with dozens of other carved tablets.

    Listen to the interview, from July 4th. The America's (North and South) have archaeology discoveries often ignored.


    Scott Wolter Answers


    TRUTH FILES - A World Exploration Series by Omar Agustoni

    Episode 1 : The mysterious Nazca and Palpa Lines (PERU)

    The Nazca Lines of Peru remain one of history's most fascinating mysteries. They still mystify despite numerous attempts to unfold their secrets. Who designed and constructed the Nazca Lines, and why? How was it possible to make such accurate, large-scale drawings on the ground without using an airplane to check from a height?


    These key questions remain unresolved.

    (Interview with Johny Isla from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture)

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  • A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 ASV

    • Ecclesiastes and Proverbs are chocked full of goodies!

    • WOW...Not bad!!! ;-)

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