About RightSocial.net

About RightSocial.net

RightSocial.net, a Property of Right Social, Inc.


(Man in promo video is a paid actor)

Dedicated to a politically conservative audience, www.RightSocial.net is a social network platform that is here to help combat the oligarchy social media conglomerates that have dominance, and give conservatives a voice that they will not have to worry about being silenced. It should be noted that not only in the America, but around the world conservative censorship has been steadily silenced, all based on “algorithms”, or arbitrary “policies”.

WHAT IS RIGHTSOCIAL.NET? Conservative Social Media for persons, businesses, religious organizations or conservative politicians.

WHAT IS OUR GOAL? To create a safe and uncensored social media site that conservatives can share thoughts and ideas.

WHY DID WE CREATE RIGHTSOCIAL.NET? The oligarchy tech companies have unilaterally and arbitrarily taken it upon themselves to censor thoughts and ideas they deem violate their policy statements.